In a world full of threats, where the seconds often decide about lives – our and others, there is no room for compromise. We must be prepared to help. Knowledge that goes hand in hand with experience is essential when it comes to human life.

EAGLE-MED SYSTEM is a company recognized in Poland and around the world specializing in providing training and consultancy in the field of rescue.

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Our several years of experience allowed us to create a training system tailored to the modern needs of our clients. On a wide scale we run courses for individual clients, companies and uniformed services. Before each training, we carry out a thorough analysis of the threats to which the participants are exposed – thanks to this we can prepare them during the course for real events that may take place in their work.

EAGLE-MED SYSTEM specializes in conducting comprehensive training and demonstrations of rescue and first aid. We are distinguished by an individual approach to each order, because it depends on the client and his needs what elements will be crucial for him. Our company also deals in securing mass events – we provide protection during sports competitions, concerts and other large events.




Professional experience and a high level of knowledge and skills in the field of tactical medicine presented by Mr. Robert Jędrych enriched the learning process of the participants of the classes and allowed them to broaden the professional qualifications necessary to perform their duties during the operations.

Polish Police CPKP BOA hostage rescue unit

Thanks to the Mr. Robert Jędrych of Eagle-Med System for professionally prepared and conducted Combat Trauma Management training in  during the nationwide COUNTERRORISM TACTICAL MEDIC workshops devoted to improving the medical rescue system in the Special Police Units.

Wroclaw Police SPKP SWAT team


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