WAttend hands-on combat medical courses conducted accordingly to the latest TCCC Committee Guidelines.

Our staff consist of experienced and knowledgeable SOF medics who saved lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. The unique skills of our subject matter experts were gained in US Armed Forces Trauma Rooms and on board of MEDEVAC helicopters.

Under watchful eye of our experts you will learn how to deal with live-threatening emergencies on the battlefield.

The goal of EAGLE-MED SYSTEM classes is ultimate realism of training and top-notch level of education. Complex and high-stress tactical medical training scenarios will help the participants to remain composed and calm in case of real emergencies.

This is the only proven method for success in any environment or circumstance. Everything in safe and controlled environment..

During the courses, the latest TCCC-approved medical equipment is used, combined with innovative wounds simulators in scenario-driven exercises in as close to real training conditions as possible. We are pioneers of use of wounds and battlefield simulators in TCCC classes.

E-M-S tactical medicine courses guarantees mental and substantive preparation for difficult conditions prevailing on the battlefield.

Our courses were developed for military units and law enforcement teams, but are also available for Private Military Contractors, Private Security Details, war correspondents and all other personnel deploying to high-threat areas, where skills learned in EAGLE-MED SYSTEM training may save lives.