First Aid

The skill to provide first aid is not only a moral but also a legal obligation. Failure to provide the necessary assistance to the injured can punish imprisonment, and not to train staff can mean serious problems for the employer – in Poland a fine can reach up to 6,500+ EUR

Our lives depend on other people’s lives – this is the obviousness that many have forgotten about. What percentage of course participants will remember key information and will be able to use it in a real risk situation? Organizing first aid training in hermetic rooms, with a large number of theories and a minimal practical input is one of the least effective methods of learning.

Eagle-Med-System offers a new quality of first aid training for your staff. We know how the human mind works during a threat – we know methods of effective didactic that will allow us to use acquired skills when it is most needed.

We will create an individual course for your employees based on the health and safety risk card. We will use the most modern methods of medical simulation, we will create stressful conditions that significantly affect the memory and concentration of participants. We will pass the key information so that the participants can easily play it in the future.

In a life-threatening situation, there is no time to think about it – the cut artery leads to exsanguination in 3 minutes, cardiac arrest causes irreversible damage after just 5 minutes. Effective and real help is based on reflexes that will save such valuable seconds during the rescue operation.

Choose the Eagle-Med-System and prepare your team to help others!