Combat Trauma Management (CTM)

Combat Trauma Management (CTM) is an advanced medical course designed for paramedics special forces and medics in private secuirty (PMC/PSD) teams in high risk regions in the case of delayed evacuations up to 72 hours.


Initial Assessment of Wounded

  • Massive hemorrhages control (CAT & SOFTT tourniquets)
  • Junctional hemorrhage control (Croc, Jett, Sam Tourniquet, AAJT)
  • Pressure dressings and wound packing (armpits, groins)
  • Airway management (with equipment and without equipment, NPA, Igel, Emergency CRIC)
  • Chest wounds sealing
  • Hypothermia Prevention


Rapid trauma examination

  • Dressing and securing fractures
  • Shock
  • Fluid resuscitation (casualties in hemorrhagic shock, casualties with burns)
  • IV/IO
  • Analgesia & Antibiotics
  • Fractures stabilization
  • Pelvis trauma and pelvic and abdominal bleeding control
  • Trauma examination
  • Use of basic diagnostic devices: stethoscope, pulseoximeter and barometer


Trauma care in MEDEVAC LZ

  • 9 Line MEDEVAC Request
  • MIST Report
  • Monitoring in TACEVAC Phase