Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) – 5-day course

The suggested schedule of Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course. Training schedule can be changed accordingly to Customer’s request.

The course is compliant with the latest TCCC Guidelines.

5 days – 40 hours

Day 1: Care Under Fire

Introduction to the theory of TCCC:

  • military vs. civilian trauma care
  • most common causes of death and wound patterns on the battlefield
  • detailed description of wounds patterns during tactical operations
  • phases of tactical trauma care
  • modern battlefield medical devices and equipment

Care Under Fire Phase



  • Direct pressure & bleeding control
  • Evacuation under fire (buddy extraction, straps)
  • CAT & SOFTT-W tourniquets application (self-aid, low visibility and no visibility)
  • Extraction from vehicle methods (rescue grip, BOA grip), bleeding control (hemostats, wound packing, pressure dressings)
  • Junctional hemorrhage control (Croc, Jett, Sam Tourniquet, AAJT)

Day 2: Tactical Field Care


  • MARCHE protocol
  • Protection of airway patency, breathing


  • Airway management (with equipment and without equipment, NPA, Emergency CRIC)
  • Respiratory pathology
  • Respiratory and Circulatory Support, AVPU and Circulatory Shock
  • Head Trauma & Hypothermia Prevention
  • Monitoring
  • Trauma examination in tactical environment
  • Fractures stabilizing
  • Burns treatment

Tactical Field Care training scenarios

Hotwash + Q&A



  • 9 Line MEDEVAC Request
  • MIST Report
  • Documentation of Care

Complex TCCC training scenarios (according to unit’s profile)

Complex TCCC training scenarios including all TCCC phases and MARCHE protocol assessment and management.

Hotwash + Q&A

Day 4: Training scenarios

Assaulter self-aid

  • Wound treatment in a firefight
  • Wound treatment with no visibility
  • Wound treatment of a wounded operator in a firefight in limited visibility conditions
  • Evacuation of operator wounded during forced entry
  • Evacuation of operator from far distance
  • Evacuation plan of wounded in the vehicle on battlefield
  • Evacuation of wounded from immobilized vehicle
  • Evacuation of wounded from vehicle with covering firefight
  • Evacuation of wounded from vehicle to support vehicle

Hotwash + Q&A

Day 5: Exam

Final exam of skills.