Tactical First Responder

This course is intended for law enforcement officers as well as civilians with license for carrying firearms. Any situation involving the use of firearms comes with great risk of incurring injuries. That is why it is crucial to combine the knowledge about handling weapons with the knowledge on how to use available first aid.

The course is focused on tactics and shooting skills in the context of self-aid under TCCC/TECC guidelines. During the classes the participants learn about tourniquets as well as other medical equipment, they also learn how to handle the weapon with one hand, change magazines, adopt different shooting stances and utilize evacuation tactics.

This course is dynamic and its advantage is the introduction of realistic stress scenarios, which imitate real-life situations. The course is taught by experienced police officers, who have encountered similar situations during their service.

Tactical First Responder

Some of the main elements of Tactical First Responder course

  • Stoppages + CAT TQ
  • Shooting under stress + CAT TQ
  • Shooting + evacuation + CAT TQ
  • Shooting in pairs/teams + Shooting & Moving + CAT TQ
  • Extreme conditions shooting + CAT TQ
  • Shooting + barricades + CAT TQ (self-aid)